Talent Brand

How does your Talent Brand stack up?

Quantifying your brand's impact isn't just a marketing priority anymore, it's also a talent priority.


Talent is constantly talking about your company.  LinkedIn’s Talent Brand Index and Glassdoor’s company reviews may be a starting point to understanding your talent brand but they don’t begin to provide the in-depth measurement and analytics needed to make key decisions concerning your people strategy.  Conenza’s cost-effective, comprehensive set of solutions enable you to measure, monitor and improve your talent brand in three stages.

Assess: Rapidly develop a baseline across the entire talent experience by gathering qualitative and quantitative data through targeted micro-polls (1 to 3 questions) from prospective, current and former employees across key business units.

Monitor: Constantly track talent sentiment to enable data-driven decisions in real time by leveraging powerful reporting & analytics measuring client-specific metrics and ROI

Impact: A strategic services team provides a full range of offerings from basic talent brand research to employer value proposition development and multi-channel communication strategy


Three of four companies believe that managing their talent brand is critical to being competitive today.


Extensive research exists to support investment in your talent brand.  Here are just a few reasons:


Boston Consulting Group research determined that companies who were highly capable at improving employer branding had a very positive impact on financial performance – revenue growth increased 2.4x and profit margin 1.8x relative to their less capable peers

LinkedIn survey revealed that the average cost per hire in organizations with a strong employer brand was two times lower than those with employer brands ranked moderate to poor

Corporate Executive Board research suggests that a strong employer brand reputation will enable you to attract consideration from at least 20% more of the target market than weaker ones


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