We provide you with innovative technology so you can focus on what matters most: your people.

A highly brand-able and configurable design that will help you:

  • Reflect your corporate branding for a seamless user experience
  • Activate your alumni with easy event management tools
  • Rehire the best alumni talent and see your savings roll in
  • Measure your brand advocacy and make a positive impact
  • Capture your most important alumni data with custom fields
  • Spread your message with targeted content that matters to your audience

Our Corporate Alumni Platform Features:

Value creation for your alumni:

  • Profiles with LinkedIn import for easy updates
  • Directory with basic and advanced search
  • Contacts and inbox messaging
  • News highlights from the company and alumni
  • Groups for discussions and knowledge sharing
  • Events to reconnect
  • Job opportunities
  • Weekly digest email

Member Support

First-level support for administrators, alumni and employees

Partners in Success

Dedicated Customer Success Manager to guide you on best practices

Custom Branding

Extend your unique corporate branding to your alumni community

Global Capabilities

Support your diverse population with up to 23 language options

Talent Net Promoter Score

Measure, monitor and impact the brand advocacy of your alumni


Reach your alumni with easy, automated notifications or robust email campaigns

Reporting & Dashboard

Real-time reporting on member data and activity to manage, measure and optimize your alumni program

Mobile Optimized

Reach and engage users anytime, anywhere, in the office or on the go

Enterprise Integration

Integrate seamlessly into existing CRM, HRIS, or other enterprise applications

SSO & Social Media Integration

Enable single sign-on for ease of access

Data Security

Secure and reliable platform trusted by the world’s most scrutinizing brands

Conenza PeoplePages

Aren’t ready for a full alumni program? The most important part of any program is having the right data ready when you need it. Start with the cost-effective PeoplePages and get these key features:

  • Branded home page and alumni registration/login
  • Alumni profiles with contact info, work history, tags, skills and much more
  • Member directory available to your alumni and employees
  • Talent Net Promoter Score® Poll to measure and track brand advocacy
  • Extensive reporting and analytics to track success metrics

Most importantly, you will have access and ownership to all the alumni data for recruiting, business development and networking. Add one or two alumni events and a newsletter and you have the beginnings of a great alumni program!