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Corporate alumni networks have been our focus from day one, starting more than 10 years ago. In fact, we live and breathe corporate alumni programs so that we can share our knowledge with you.

Top Corporate Alumni Benefits

An employee can become just a memory. Or they can become a customer, client, advocate and irreplaceable resource. Cultivating lasting relationships with your former employees delivers very real and tangible benefits.

Brand Advocacy
Connected, loyal alumni can be your means to grow your talent brand. They also provide a highly effective, but often overlooked marketing channel through the lives they go on to live after they leave your organization.

Business Development
Employees who move on also frequently move up. Staying connected helps you maintain and discover connections to key-decision makers and influencers at customers and key prospects. These important relationships put your sales and business development teams on the inside track to increased sales and profitable partnerships.

Recruiting Savings
Attracting and retaining top talent is an increasingly difficult endeavor for human capital and talent management leadership. Research shows alumni are the second best source for strategic talent acquisition after your own employees whether you’re interested in rehires, referrals or contractors.

Network Intelligence
Creating a Corporate Alumni Network is a great way to stay connected to the intellectual capital of retiring, exiting, and former employees. As they move on they can still provide great insight, information and connections to support your corporate initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Expand the reach and impact of your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts through your corporate alumni. Your former employees are a capable and willing pool of volunteers and can be active contributors to the campaigns you support as an organization.