Your success is our success.

We have learned a lot since starting our first alumni network 20 years ago and we want to leverage it all to make yours successful. Conenza offers a broad range of expert services to get you started thoughtfully, growing quickly, and building value constantly.

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Customer success team included

We love seeing our clients succeed. With our dedicated Customer Success team, your initiative is backed by more than a decade of corporate alumni management expertise, serving as your strategic partner and supporting your business goals and objectives.


Initial analysis & business case development

Our expert team will work with you to design just the right consulting project to get you the data you need to make crucial decisions. We specialize in alumni outreach and brand loyalty analysis that can only be garnered from years of experience. We work with clients and non-clients alike to understand where their organization is and where it needs to be, and develop concreate strategic blueprints to get there rapidly.


Turn-key corporate alumni community management

If you are resource constrained, but want to launch and maximize the value of your community initiative, we can help. Our turn-key community management services including strategy, marketing, content, and more. We can help you launch, grow, and engage your corporate alumni community and ensure that your business goals are fully realized. We'll manage the implementation process, market the launch of the community, monitor and respond to members, generate compelling content, manage promotions through email and 3rd-party social networks to increase your reach, survey and mine your members and data for feedback, ideas, and business intelligence. In short, think of our community managers as scalable expert members of your team.


Content strategy & development

Conenza's customized and creative content services will help you deliver an optimized, efficient mix of sources and strategies to establish thought leadership, inspire the right kinds of conversations, and build the highly qualified traffic you'll ultimately convert to an army of brand advocates. Content done right can be a real force multiplier for everything you are seeking to accomplish with your initiative.


Corporate alumni community marketing

Conenza offers a comprehensive set of marketing services to help you launch, grow and engage your corporate alumni members. Based on your unique business needs and budget, we'll build and execute a robust marketing strategy that includes a wide range of proven tactics. We'll put email, social media, events, and more to work to ensure you have a vibrant and growing online community.