Conenza and IntraWorlds have joined forces to take talent engagement to the next level!
Empower your alumni to drive strategic business initiatives
Enhance talent pools
Propel sales
Boost your brand
Some of Fortune's most admired companies trust Conenza to unleash the power of their alumni
What motivates alumni to participate in corporate alumni programs?
Find out how Alumni Programs benefit companies on Fortune’s most admired list.


While data is at the center of everything we do, we understand that it's the people behind those numbers that matter most to you.

Annual savings for average Fortune 500 company by actively recruiting alumni.

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Percentage of millennials who would consider returning to their former employer.

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Brand advocates are worth at least 5x more than average customers.

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Conenza reconnects you to your most powerful champions: your alumni.

Our solution delivers an unmatched combination of technology, services and best practices enabling your company to:

  • Foster trusted, lifelong relationships with your current and former employees to enhance culture
  • Cultivate influential brand advocates among a continually growing alumni audience
  • Build new or expand existing customer relationships for your products and services
  • Recruit proven talent for hard-to-fill positions or short-term needs to compete more effectively
  • Maintain access to critical expertise or mentors after an employee retires or leaves
  • Advance corporate social responsibility initiatives through alumni / retiree participation

Competitive Advantage in Real Time


Conenza’s corporate alumni platform enables current employees to find and stay in touch with past colleagues, network for customers and partners, and recruit for open positions.

Alumni Influencer

Conenza puts you in front of thought leaders to serve as brand evangelists and to introduce you to new business opportunities.


Conenza helps you build a positive culture so that yesterday’s top-ranked employees will return to become today’s stellar new hires.

Client Spotlight

“Conenza has supported our evolving alumni program from its earliest days. In addition to providing an excellent hosted community, Conenza offers insight on best practices to help our alumni program grow and meet the needs of our former colleagues. Conenza is genuinely interested in the success of our program and works with us to promote alumni engagement.” – Alumni Relations at Crowe LLP